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Early on in my career, I didn't particularly enjoy writing and could not bring myself to do it. I found it burdensome and a chore. Over time, however, I have come to appreciate and enjoy the craft. Admittedly, it took some time to truly feel comfortable and confident in writing. Through a bit of practice and a few useful tools, I’ve discovered that pouring your thoughts into written form helps to structure your thoughts and strengthen your voice. Moreover, empowering you to eloquently express thoughts and communicate effectively.

Along the way, I’ve relied on some tools to enable me to learn, train, and test my compositions. I want to share a few of them, hoping that they will help you grow to be a more confident and proficient writer. …

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Pug in a Blanket by Matthew Henry

Designing product (app or web) experiences can be challenging, if not daunting. As designers, we strive to design to solve problems through effective design, while at the same time, serve user needs elegantly and delightfully. As part of our crafted solution, we are asked to support a growing constellation of devices and touchpoints that our users desire. Accordingly, we are expected to gracefully balance quality and contextual orchestration, which is no small feat.

As an example, consider Sophia, a young adult interested in fitness and working out with friends. On her laptop, she shops and learns about Peloton and its available purchase options. She receives delivery status notifications and sets up her Peloton account on her smartphone. While on her Peloton bike, she browses available live classes and joins her friends in a virtual cycling class. Finally, using her AppleTV Peloton app, she participates in a Yoga session. …

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Over the years of crafting experiences, I’ve learned a bit about what works and doesn’t when delivering them. I’ve kept these learnings in post-its, notebooks, or in memory. Recently, I was inspired to draft and share these principles with the hope they can help you with your next project or inspire your teammates. By no means are the principles comprehensive or novel, but I believe they can serve to guide your or team’s imagination.

In the next few months, I hope to express real-work examples and useful resources for each principle.

Be holistic and harmonic

Think of your experience as an orchestrated arrangement of flows, interactions, elements, and aesthetics; work to ensure they are consistent and blend well together. Avoid disjointed steps, inconsistencies, or awkward transitions (i.e., Frankenstein-like experiences) that will potentially disrupt people’s rhythm, erode confidence, or distract them from their goal. …

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Design is a bit mysterious and magical for most people outside of our profession. Most folks recognize the impact of good design, although rarely do they appreciate the ingredients, skills, efforts, and individual roles involved in its delivery. Often, people will notice the visual aspects (aesthetics, motion, etc.) of a design deliverable. However, they will often overlook distinct contributions and roles (e.g., user research, content strategy, interaction design, testing, etc.). …

A few months ago, the Amazon Design team invited me to attend a Amazon Design Open House in Seattle. I accepted, and this post is the result of what I learned and observed at this motivational event.

It was a whirlwind of a day…filled with insightful speakers, a formal lunch with Amazon Design Leaders, a tour of a few Amazon locations, and a social mixer where I had a chance to meet and mingle with members from design teams across Amazon. My observations and insights from this inspirational opportunity are categorized below in three groups:

Design Focus — Key Strategies and…

The moment Medium was released, I fell in love with its elegance and simplicity. Their platform has reimagined the way people share and consume thoughts. I’ve been consistently impressed with Medium’s continued success growing its platform. Okay, you probably know they’re awesome, so why should I use them?

Why use a Medium Publication?

I’ve used numerous services (Carbonmade, Adobe Portfolio, Squarespace, etc.)—each with incredible capabilities and features. However, I couldn’t find that perfect tool that felt right for my needs and time constraints. I’m a product designer and technologist at heart. When showcasing my work, it is essential that I express a story describing my journey to the solution. Most times this is a composite of diverse assets in the form of narratives, working prototypes, photos, videos, and even code examples. In essence, authoring case studies are most practical for my needs, rather than just screenshots. As with most people, my time is super valuable to me. …

Case Study: A platform for designers, developers, and partners to deliver a unified user experience.


School districts were struggling to deliver and gain adoption with a growing spectrum of tools and experiences. Frustrated parents, students, teachers and community members experienced a fragmented and confusing solution offering. School districts needed a way to blend their offerings into a unified digital experience.


As an organization, Blackboard (Formerly Schoolwires) realized it was unable to serve all the needs of each school district. …

As a design-focused, results-oriented leader with 20 years of expertise in user experience design, technology, and product development, I’ve built and led diverse teams to deliver innovative solutions for major corporations and organizations. These include Blackboard, International Paper, The American Philatelic Society, Clear Channel Communications, American Bankers Association, Los Angeles Unified School District, Houston Public Schools, Dallas Public Schools, U.S. Air Force, and The Pennsylvania State University.

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I’m passionate about delivering innovative solutions, building creative cultures, leading talented teams, and crafting delightful experiences that simply make people happier and more productive!

I live in State College, PA with my wife and two children. I love photography, writing, travel, hiking, mountain biking and football. Also, I am a Product Hunter (member of Beta Friends) and product enthusiast. …

Case Study: A reimagined experience to elegantly serve current and emerging needs.


Schoolwires, a K-12 company, was experiencing competitive pressure to rejuvenate its authoring experience. In parallel, several technology trends and government demands were emerging. Users were engaging content on an expanding spectrum of devices and expected access anywhere and on any device. Federal and State governments were requiring schools deliver an accessible experience (AX). Our goal was to produce a more usable and delightful solution that removed the complexities of responsive web design and accessibility.

My Role

I served as design director and coach for the team.


  1. Authored content was less than optimal to satisfy the appetite for access on mobile, tablet and an expanding spectrum of emerging platforms. …


Jason Coudriet

Design Leader / Technologist / Human-centered Problem Solver @troweprice @blackboard

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